Why We Are?

We rigorously and effectively implement a comprehensive quality assurance program through different systems as well as trained and talented people to ensure that the merchandise meets the specifications laid down by you. The final look of the product is also watched closely to ensue that the merchandise shipped is sealable. Our judgment has not let us down so far.


The agency usually gets competitive rates due to the volumes we are already buying. Innovations wherever necessary are also handled by us to make the product viable at the retail end.

We understand and participate with the buyers in an ongoing endeavor to give our customers the best product at better prices.


The agency is fully equipped with man, machine, experience and expertise – to ensure that you get what you pay for and also at the right time and price.


A critical aspect of buying is managed effectively and smoothly with adequate respect for early and clear communication. We also have regularly upgraded state of the art, equipment and infrastructure to transpire this.

  • Strong network of vendors/factories, which are all in compliance with modern manufacturing standards
  • A very strong team of merchandisers and quality control professionals to take personal care of each buyers requirements. Competent, capable, sincere and an honest set up.
  • Sourcing of products from reliable manufacturers world –wide at competitive prices.
  • Regular supervision of products from the production to the shipment stage.
  • Extensive customer service, quality assurance and regular production updates, on time deliveries and order follow up.
  • An equal opportunity employer.
  • Believes in cost effective productivity.
  • Follows the best practice guidelines of the Apparel Industry.
  • Enjoys a reputation for clean business practices.
  • Strives to keep up with latest trends in business and fashion.
  • Adherence to the labour laws: No child labour, No forced labour, No discrimination, Good pay to the workers, Exact working hours and suitable working condition( Health, hygiene and safety)
  • We offer Hi- fashion customizable garments. Our factories have the infrastructure to offer garments with different kinds of washes and dyeing & vintage look range.
  • We provide you a one-stop Apparel and garment-buying house.

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Why We Are?